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upset kidsWe have been receiving a lot of calls lately for therapy for children. Children are having a terrible time. Parents report that their kids are anxious, angry, and acting out. Some are fearful. Kids who have never had behavioral problems are having them now.

Why are Kids Having a Hard Time?

Disruptions caused by COVID in their school and social lives affected them deeply. Many kids suffered the loss of a loved one and have not been able to process it. Children are also not always able to articulate their feelings, so their emotions are expressed in their behavior.

We are hearing of children having trouble managing their friendships, acting out at home, and having difficulty focusing. Parents are wisely seeking therapy before considering medication.

How We Can Help

In addition to psychotherapy with children, we also provide Art Therapy. Lauren Fallat, MA LPC ATR-BC is a licensed professional counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist who works with children (and all ages) using psychotherapy and art therapy. Art therapy provides kids with a creative and therapeutic way to express their emotions. They are able to process their feelings and improve self esteem and confidence. Art Therapy also helps children who have social anxiety. We provide integrated therapy for children that they enjoy because it helps them feel better and improves their lives.

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To schedule an appointment for your child, click on the Book Now button and select Lauren Fallat as the therapist. There you will see her availability for the next two months.

If you have any questions about how we may help your child, please feel free to give us a call or send an email (908-857-4422 or

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and read about Lauren, Psychotherapist and Art Therapist here: About Us




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