Therapy for Children

Therapy for Children

Therapy for Children

Is your child having difficulty in social situations, or have you noticed more behavioral issues? Children often have trouble articulating their feelings, so instead, their feelings come out in their behavior. Therapy for children can be very helpful to both your child as well as you, the parent.


We offer both psychotherapy and Art therapy for children and adults. Most children do well in psychotherapy. Once they understand what the process is, they tend to like it very much. They are usually able to talk about some of their issues. Learning to communicate their feelings without acting upon them, teaches them better emotional management.

Art Therapy

Children, adolescents, teens, and college students all enjoy Art Therapy. Art Therapy requires no artistic talent or abilities. Your Therapist will guide your child through the process. Art therapy can help you child work through difficult emotions. It is a fun way to for children to learn more about themselves.

Both psychotherapy and art therapy can help your child learn effective coping skills, and better manage their behavior.

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To Learn more about how we work with children, see this: Child Counseling


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