Therapy for Children

Therapy for Children


Children typically come to therapy because they are not doing well in some way. Some are anxious or depressed and many have behavioral problems. Children respond incredibly well to therapy. They like talking about their lives and are interested in learning coping strategies.

Therapy for Children and Telehealth

We have been providing Therapy for Children for many years. But recently, we more children have been coming to therapy than ever before. It is interesting that their parents are often reluctant to try telehealth, believing that their child will not like it or benefit from it. But in our experience, this is not the case. Kids today are very used to being on camera and after they get to know their therapist, they seem to enjoy their therapy and benefit from it. One thing children like to do is introduce their therapist to the family dog and show us their room.

How Therapy Can Help

Children like learning ways to help themselves. They like telling their stories and feel very proud of themselves when they are able to try something new, overcome a fear, and attain the goals they have set. One of the things that we value about doing therapy with children and teens is that as they get older, they know that they can return to therapy as needed, and they do. Their therapist knows their family and history, so when they return to therapy, they don’t have to start all over again.

Art Therapy

Along with conventional therapy, we also offer Art Therapy. Art therapy is a great way to help your child overcome emotional obstacles in a playful, creative way. Lauren Fallat, licensed professional counselor and art therapist, provides a unique blend of integrated counseling and a guided creative process to promote healing. Studies show that it is an effective treatment for all ages for a wide range of mental health  and behavioral problems.

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