Dr. Marion Rollings, PhD BC-TMH CGCS

I am a licensed psychologist, Board Certified in Telehealth, certified in Grief Counseling, and specialized CBT-I treatment of Insomnia. I am Solution Focused to help bring immediate relief and trained in depth psychodynamic (Jungian) approaches to gain insight.

I am a warm and enthusiastic therapist, with a genuine interest in others and their well being. We created Holistic Health Counseling Center (HHCCNJ) because we believe that individuals benefit the most when all of their needs are considered and addressed. The collaborative and interdisciplinary approach we use at HHCCNJ brings everything together in one place for Mind and Body: Counseling & Psychotherapy for the Mind and Massage Therapy and Medication Management (where implicated and desired). Medication is not my first choice but in some cases, can be a helpful crutch while you learn helpful, effective coping strategies.

I look forward to working with you and your family and promise that we, myself and the staff of HHCCNJ, will do our very best to be of assistance to you.

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