Teen Issues

Teens often come to therapy because they have asked to talk to someone. Some are brought to therapy by their parents who believe their teenager will benefit from having a professional to help them sort out their problems and better navigate their social and emotional worlds. Even the most reluctant teen will usually find some benefit to therapy. Your teen’s therapist will work hard to establish a good rapport with your them and a good working relationship with you.

The teenage years are filled with challenges. Attending High School generates a great deal of stress for a teen. Good stress as well as bad. It is four years of growth, change, maturation, and for most, college planning. There is a great deal of pressure to belong, make new friends, participate in sports and other extracurricular activities, work part time, and stay engaged with their families. Many have relationships, and struggle to find balance between their growing responsibilities and having fun with friends.

Other issues that teens may suffer from include:


Relationship issues

Conflict with parents

Problems with making friends

Self esteem issues

Self confidence issues

Body image issues

Eating disorders


Excessive worry

Depressed mood 

Problems with school 


And more


We can help your teen better navigate their issues and teach them effective coping skills. We will work closely with you and your teen to improve their life and find balance. 

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