Substance and Alcohol Abuse 

Nearly everyone has a family member or friend who has struggled with substance or alcohol abuse. Many have addiction issues and some have overdosed and died. No one thinks they will become addicted but maybe you find that you have or are worried that you will. It may have started in college, partying a little too much, or maybe after surgery, you became addicted to pain killers. It may be that you are noticing that the glass of wine at dinner has led to finishing the bottle by yourself. There are so many ways one can develop a substance or alcohol abuse problem. Shame, denial, and unhappiness often accompany a growing substance or alcohol abuse problem.

Does this sound like you or anyone you know? Do you find that you need something to get you through the day? Occasional and recreational substance use has become more frequent and more often? Help is available.

You can take control and start your recovery now. You can do it!

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