School Safety

School Safety

School Safety and Anxiety

With the unthinkable tragedy of the recent mass killing of children and adults in Texas, we have started to see an immediate rise in the anxiety levels of parents, children, and teachers. This very understandable considering what has happened. Everyone feels vulnerable and most are anxious and afraid for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Here in New Jersey authorities have taken measures to ensure the safety of school children, teachers, and staff.

What to Tell Your Children

Children need to be reassured that they are being protected.  They also need to know what they can do to protect themselves. Their monthly safety drills are important training in the event of a school shooter situation.

How We Can Help

We work with children, teachers, and parents on anxiety management and how to control their fears. Everyone does better when they understand how to manage their emotions–we cannot control what happens in the world, but we can control how we handle it and what we do about it. To schedule your first appointment please click on the “Book Now” button. There you will see our availability for the next two months.

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