Pregnancy & Postpartum Issues

While being pregnant can bring a woman and her family much joy and anticipation, there are many women who experience difficulties with their pregnancies. Once their babies are born, many women are unprepared for the demands of recovering from childbirth and caring for their new born. Unlike what previous generations had, women today don’t have the support they need once they are home with their babies. As a result, the baby blues can become a more prolonged postpartum depression.

Most women do not see their obstetrician before 6 weeks postpartum. By that time, some are already in the throes of a postpartum depression.

Another issue that does not get the attention it deserves is that of high risk pregnancies. More than ever before, pregnant women are coming to therapy to seek support to get through the emotional and physical stressors they experience through a high risk pregnancy.

Women (and their partners) who suffer pregnancy loss and miscarriage often suffer in silence. The pain of the loss and the challenges they face in their bereavement are heartbreaking. They often do not get the support and comfort they need. There is a bewildering range of emotions you may experience when you have suffered a pregnancy loss or miscarriage–grief, guilt, sadness, depression, and more.

We are here to help support you through your pregnancy and prevent postpartum depression. If you have suffered a miscarriage, or have a high risk pregnancy, click on the Book Now button to schedule your first appointment. Feel free to send us any questions you may have via the Contact Form on the Contact Page. You can also call us at (908) 857-4422.

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