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We provide Counseling, Psychotherapy and Art Therapy Online to adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families.

Using a holistic approach to mental health and a client-centered approach to counseling, we use a wide range of therapeutic techniques and interventions to help you overcome the issues that brought you to therapy.

Effective therapy is collaborative and interactive. We are here to help you feel better and overcome obstacles with the tools and techniques you need to move forward positively in your life.

We also offer other Mind Body Wellness Services. Massage Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness instruction, and more.

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Caring & Experienced, we are dedicated to helping you find peace and happiness in your life, your relationships, and in your work.

We use a holistic approach to therapy and healing because humans are physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social Beings.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help.

We treat the following issues, problems, and more:


Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is one of the most common anxieties people suffer from. Many don’t realize that there is treatment available for it. Social anxiety is often tied to low self esteem and low self confidence. While it is normal ot have some anxiety in social situations, if you suffer from Social Anxiety or Social Phobia,

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a natural emotion that keeps us safe and is actually helpful at times.  Excessive or uncontrolled anxiety can lead to panic attacks and can be very disruptive to your life. Anxiety and panic attacks can affect your relationships, job, school, and sleep. In adults, anxiety often presents as excessive worry, insomnia, specific or

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Child Counseling

Children often come to therapy because they are having issues at school and/or at home with their behavior and emotions. Most children discover that they like therapy. Therapy is a place where they can learn how to best manage their emotions and their behavior. They can learn effective coping strategies as well as learn how

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Family Counseling

All families naturally experience some level of disharmony from time to time. Often, they are able to resolve the issues themselves and grow from the experience. Sometimes the issues are too difficult to navigate without professional help and one or two members of the family will seek counseling.  Families often come to therapy when one

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Couples Counseling

Couples come to therapy usually when there is a breakdown in communication, or a traumatic event has occurred, an affair has been discovered, or some other event(s) have caused at least one of you to feel that professional help is needed. It could also be that you feel you have hit a dead end and

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Adolescent and Teen Counseling

Teens often come to therapy because they have asked to talk to someone. Some are brought to therapy by their parents who believe their teenager will benefit from having a professional to help them sort out their problems and better navigate their social and emotional worlds. Even the most reluctant teen will usually find some

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