Mental Health Matters

psychotherapyMay is Mental Health Awareness month. Mental Health matters for so many reasons, but it is the thing that people will neglect the most. Mental health care is as important as medical health care.

How to Improve Mental Health

Good mental health care starts with good self care. Self care is not to be confused with pampering. There is a time and a place for a little pampering. Self care is about making sure you are eating good, healthy foods, getting some kind of exercise or daily movement, spending time outdoors, being in Nature, and spending time with friends and family.

Good mental health care also means that you are paying attention to how you are feeling and giving yourself time and space to rest, heal from painful experiences, and pay attention to your need for solitude and time with others. Something else to consider is how much time you spend on social media. Maintaining awareness of how much time you spend with electronics of all types is also helpful.

Don’t Overdue it

Sometimes too much of a good thing is not ideal. If you are in need of incorporating some kind of movement or exercise into you life, then start out slow. If you start out walking 5 miles a day, that is unreasonable and probably unsustainable. Eat healthy but don’t get into depriving yourself of the occasional junk food or favorite not so healthy meal. Good self care is balanced.

Mental Health and Nature

Nature is a natural healer. Spending time outdoors, noticing the weather, the sky, the birds in the trees, plant life, everything natural around you is healing for the soul. If you are stuck in traffic, notice the hawks or turkey vultures in the sky on a warm day. At lunchtime, take a little walk. Of course, if you have allergies, experience Nature in whatever way you can that is safe for you.

Avoid Isolation

Spending time with friends is essential for well being. Laughing and joking with your friends can keep you grounded and light hearted. Isolation is the enemy of good mental health. When we are isolated, our thoughts go unchallenged by reality. Isolation is not the same as solitude. Solitude is healthy time spent alone, where one claims time alone to think, relax, and maybe get things done by yourself. It is temporary and balanced by time with others. Isolation is active avoidance of others.

Find Time to be Playful

One of the things that will help you stay mentally healthy is to be playful. When you find yourself stressed or being too serious, take time to play. Play with your children, indulge in your hobbies–adults have plenty of options. It you don’t have a hobby, then it is time to find one. Play a sport, collect something, learn a new skill, start crafting-there are groups to join to learn from where you can make new friends.

If You are Struggling

If you are struggling with your mental health, now is a good time to seek professional help. With professional help you will learn ways to break out of unhealthy pattens and move forward in a healthier, more positive way. Why wait any longer to feel better. schedule your first appointment now.

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