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Mental Health care is as important as ever. More kids are experiencing anxiety and behavioral problems. We see a lot of Social Anxiety and worry amongst teens, college students, and adults. The Summer will be here before we know it and it is a time when college students return home and come to therapy. Graduating High School students also try to squeeze in a bunch of sessions before they go off to college. It is helpful to offset the anticipatory anxiety they feel before they leave.

Taking good care of your mental health is essential to overall well being and happiness. There are some people who take great care of their homes, property, family, and friends. But they neglect their mental health. They stretch themselves to the limit by having too much to do and not enough down time to rest, to be at home, and to take it easy. In fact, when they are home, they are busy entertaining.

Finding Balance

One of the ways to improve mental health is to find balance between activity, responsibilities, and self care. Self care meaning rest, eating healthy, and listening to that part of yourself that is wanting to take time to relax, catch up at home, and just chill. Staying home with your family for a game or movie night or date night just once a week can make a difference in how you feel. Taking time to just be home can help you feel grounded and connected to your family and home life.

Mind Body Wellness

You may be overwhelmed and feel unsure where to start making changes that will help you find balance. Without some measure of balance, your mental health care will continue to fall to the wayside. In counseling and psychotherapy, talking with a professional will help you sort out your priorities, process your feelings, and support your efforts to find balance. Art therapy can help children, teens, and adults as well, creatively work through impediments. Art is medicine. We also recommend Massage Therapy. Massage therapy will help release the tension and stress your body has accumulated.

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If you would like help with finding balance and taking better care of your mental health, give us a call or send an email (908-857-4422 or to discuss how we may be of assistance to you. To schedule an appointment, click on the Book Now button. If you are interested in Massage Therapy, please send us a note and we will connect you with Andrea Kennette, LMT, our massage therapist.

Why wait to improve your mental health care? We will work very hard with you or your child to help you find balance and improve and maintain good mental health care practices.

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