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Coming Out


Coming Out

People of all ages in the LGBTQ+ community have coming out stories. Some are incredibly inspiring, while others are painful and sad. All coming out stories are brave and courageous. We know that coming out is an incredibly important and emotional time. It’s a huge step towards proclaiming your identity and defining who you are.

We feel it’s a time of celebration for you and your loved ones as well as acceptance and recognition for you and who you are.

We recognize that coming out is not always the smooth and wonderful experience we all hope for. We are here to help and support you through your journey as well as help your loved ones sort through their feelings, with the goal of acceptance and celebration. Please see our page on Coming Out.

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Transitioning and Transgender Counseling

Supportive psychotherapy can be helpful for those who are in the process of coming out, gender change, and gender affirmation surgeries. It is an exciting time that is fraught with social, emotional, and psychological adjustments for both you and your loved ones. Therapy can also help one better understand and accept oneself as well as help parents and loved ones understand, accept, and support who you are. Often transgender individuals who have transitioned and are in the midst of their lives come to therapy to discuss other matters that are unrelated to being trans.

Coming out as transgender is an an exciting time that is fraught with anxiety and foreseen and unforseen issues. It is essential to be who you really are and to have the loving support and understanding of others to help you get through the emotional, social, and psychological process of transitioning. We can help you navigate the challenges you are facing at home, at work, among your family, friends, and within yourself. Please send us and email or give us a call to discuss any questions you may have. 


Counseling for Nonbinary Individuals

Nonbinary individuals are often misunderstood and treated with disrespect. The stress and undeserved unhappiness that a nonbinary person experiences frequently brings them to counseling for support. We work with the individual and sometimes their family to provide support, foster understanding and acceptance. We help the individual navigate the emotional landscape of a false binary world through unconditional acceptance, support, and pragmatic coping strategies.


Child Adoption and Blended Families

LGBTQ+ couples often choose to have children or may have children from previous relationships. Children bring joy and stress to any relationship. Forming a family with your partner, either through adoption, or by bringing your children together in your new family will challenge you and your spouse and be an opportunity for growth. 

Often, couples come to therapy for support, advice, and help with getting through an adoption process. Bringing together a Blended Family (one or both parents having children from previous relationships) is both exciting and very challenging. 

How do you help the kids adjust? How do you parent your spouse’s kids? What are the rules of the household and how do you enforce them? How do you avoid inevitable resentments from building and becoming problematic? How can you grow as a family together? How do you deal with in-law issues, your partner’s ex, and your own fears and concerns?

Therapy can help you and your partner sort through these issues and find positive, pragmatic solutions. 

blended family

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues with your partner or spouse are nearly inevitable. Everyone has a past, with some being more messy than others. There may be ex’s to contend with, children, and family who are stressing your relationship. Jealousy, insecurity, communication issues, and emotional baggage can complicate things and bring your relationship down. Therapy can help you and your partner work through and resolve those issues. 

relationship issues

Family Issues

Issues with your or your partner’s family can strain your relationship and challenge you to grow as a couple with your partner and as an individual. Sometimes a family may dislike your partner or have difficulty accepting them into the family. The children may be affected and things are not as happy or peaceful as you had hoped. Holidays can become complicated. Therapy can be very helpful in finding solutions to family based issues and support you and your partner in your efforts to resolve them. 


Art Therapy

Art therapy is an incredibly powerful, transformative and creative way to work through emotions that are difficult to articulate or when we feel overwhelmed by them. Our Art Therapist and Counselor, Lauren Fallat, has written many articles on our Art Therapy website. Here is one specifically about Art Therapy allies with the LGBTQ+ Community

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