Is Your Child Unhappy?

unhappy childIs your child unhappy? Children seem to be having a difficult time. We have had many calls from parents who are worried that their children are unhappy and they feel unsure about how to help them feel better. Parents’ best efforts are met with frustration and more worry. Where in the past children would be reluctant to speak with a therapist, we now are told by parents that their child has asked to. Often they have heard from a friend who is in therapy that it is helpful.

Why is Your Child Unhappy?

It is normal for children to experience short periods of unhappiness. Part of growing up is learning how to work through difficult emotions. There are often several reasons why your child may be unhappy. Problems with friends, feeling a loss of confidence, and low self esteem, are some reasons. Other reasons could be a change in the family constellation: a divorce, a separation, parent remarrying, difficulty adjusting to parents’ divorce, loss of a grandparent, and many other causes.

Children, like adults, often over-think things and worry. Signs of this could be avoiding new situations and places, and having difficulty explaining how and why they feel the way they do. They can’t always explain what the problem is, only to say they are not happy. It is very hard to see. your child upset, crying, and anxious.

We Can Help

We can help you help your child. And we can work with your child to show them effective coping strategies and ways to communicate their feelings. Sometimes children just need to talk with someone who is not their parent to sort out what is bothering them. We work closely with you and your child as we believe parents should be a part of their child’s therapy sessions.

Some parents prefer to be part of the whole session while others prefer to join at the beginning and leave or at the end, or both. We understand that your child is the most important person in the world to you, so your involvement in their therapy is essential.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a creative way to help your child express their feelings, process their emotions, and feel better. It is not the same as doing arts and crafts. Art Therapy is guided by the Art Therapist who uses different forms of art materials and creative, therapeutic methods to work with your child.

Lauren Fallat, MA LPC ATR-BC is a Board Certified Art Therapist and licensed Professional Counselor. She has a great deal of experience working with children and adults who are feeling unhappy and stuck. A session with Lauren does not have to include art therapy. If your child is interested in trying it, then Lauren will be happy to provide it. To read more about Lauren, click here: Lauren Fallat, MA LPC ATR-BC

Schedule an Appointment

To learn how we may best help your child feel happy again, you can schedule a consultation to speak with Lauren about how she may be of assistance to your child and you. You can also schedule your child’s first appointment. Click on the Book Now button and select Lauren as the therapist. You will see her availability for the next two months and can select the day and time that will work best for your schedule.

For more about children and unhappiness, see here on Dr. Marion’s website: About Art Therapy



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