Is Your Child Anxious?

anxious child

Is your child anxious? Sometimes, especially with younger children, it is not so obvious that they are anxious.

Young children cannot always articulate what is bothering them. Their feelings often are expressed through their behavior.

Signs that Your Child May Be Anxious

Changes in Their Social Behavior

If you notice that your child is spending more time alone and is reluctant to see their friends, it is important to ask if anything has happened or why they suddenly don’t want to see their friends. If they are resisting playdates or if you take them to a birthday party and they are clingy and not as social as they usually would be, they may be anxious about something.

Nervous Habits

Does your child bite their nails, pull their hair out, or seem more fidgety than usual? Have you noticed any nervous tics, such as as an eye twitching? When putting toys away, are they lining them up very precisely?

Physical Problems

Is your child complaining of stomach aches that seem to have no cause? Do they have trouble sleeping?

Emotional Issues

Does your child seem more emotional than usual? More tearful, cranky, nervous? Is your child more self conscious?

School Refusal

Covid has complicated things quite a bit for school children. Young children in particular have been affected. For some, half their life has been during covid. If your child is taking longer in the morning to get ready for school and longer to get out of the house, it is possible they are anxious and are unable to say so. A child refusing to go to school or leave the house on time can be very frustrating for parents who need to get out of the house in a timely way so that they can get to their jobs on time.

Any of these symptoms by themselves are not enough cause for concern. In assessing the child, we always consider .

We Can Help

Using innovative therapeutic techniques, we will work closely with you and your child to restore their feelings of security. We also may teach them self soothing techniques as well as relaxation strategies.

Art Therapy can Help an Anxious Child

Art therapy can be a great way to help your child process difficult emotions and express them creatively. Most children respond well to it. Lauren Fallat, LPC ATR-BC is a licensed professional counselor and board certified in Art Therapy. Please give us a call or send us an email to learn how we may help your child (908-857-4422 or

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