Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues

relationship problems Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues

If you’re dealing with relationship issues, individual therapy may help. In individual therapy, you’ll work one-on-one with a therapist to resolve the issues that are causing problems in your relationship. This type of therapy can help you learn more about yourself and your relationship. It can also help you develop the tools you need to improve your relationship.

How does it Help?

Individual Therapy can be helpful to you if your personal problems are affecting your relationship. It can also help if your partner refuses to come to therapy. Usually if your partner refuses to come to therapy, the person who wants to do relationship counseling  becomes frustrated and discouraged. But if you come to therapy yourself, you will learn ways to not only improve yourself, but also improve how you behave in your relationship.

Here are some examples of common issues that can be addressed in individual therapy:

• Self-esteem

• Self-defense

• Social skills

• Communication skills

• Low motivation

• Anger management

Even if your partner never comes to a session, by working on these issues your relationship will likely improve because you have improved.

When is the right time to come to therapy?

There isn’t a wrong time to come to therapy, but if you are not sure if you want to try therapy, the following list may help you decide.  It is time to come to therapy when:

Your problems may feel too big for you to handle on your own.

You may feel as though you don’t know where to turn.

You may feel overwhelmed.

You feel that you are in a bad pattern with your partner.

You may feel that your partner doesn’t want to change.

You may feel as though you don’t know what to do.

Maybe you’re constantly bickering with your partner, or maybe you’re just having a hard time figuring out how to handle conflict. Whatever your relationship problem, if your partner will not come to couples counseling to work on your relationship, then it is important that you come to counseling yourself.

What can Individual Therapy do for You?

Individual therapy may help you:

learn more about yourself and your relationship.

develop the tools you need to improve your relationship.

learn to communicate better with your partner.

develop skills to handle conflict.

develop more effective coping strategies.

better understand your partner’s feelings.

develop more effective parenting skills.

learn more about your own personality.

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