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Do you hate your job? At the beginning of the pandemic, people had to adjust to working from home. Some became very comfortable and were happy to continue working from home. Others were tired of being home and looked forward to going in to the office. But for some companies, the return to office date has been pushed back as COVID cases surge. If you hate your job, being home may have helped you better tolerate it.
Recently, some companies are requiring a hybrid approach with a few days at home and a few at the office, So you if hate your job, this may be bad news.

Unhappy About Returning to the Office?

If you are, you are not the only one. Many people have come to therapy to discuss how to manage their unhappiness over returning to work. Most companies are requiring three days at the office and two at home.

If you are unhappy about returning to the office, this is a good time to talk with a professional. Feeling overwhelmed by the return to an on site job you hate, can be very challenging. It may be time to talk with a therapist on how to accept the circumstances in the short term, while setting job and career goals for the long term.

Learn How to Make the Transition

When there is something we don’t want to do, we tend to focus on all the reasons we don’t want to do it. It becomes a very negative mindset which doesn’t help us adjust at all. We start resisting and emotionally tense up.

What does help is to start thinking about any positives associated with the change. You may think there aren’t any, but it is rare that something is completely negative. What could possibly be good about going back to the office if you hate your job?

Seeing coworkers, using your commute time as time to unwind and maybe listen to something you enjoy. When I (Dr. Marion) used to commute to my Bound Brook office, I would listen to Italian language podcasts or Shrink Rap Radio (highly recommended if you are interested in topics and leaders in contemporary psychology). I would also listen to audible books, and occasionally music.

I find that since I have been doing telehealth and haven’t commuted to the Bound Brook office in over two years, it has been harder to find time to listen to tings. I love my job but didn’t love getting home late. But listening to podcasts in the car was a bright spot in my day.

If you really hate your job, it may be time to start planning a job or career change.


We Can Help

Give us a call or send an email to learn how we may help you manage your feelings about your job while working on future plans to either make things more tolerable or switching jobs. To schedule an appointment, click on the Book Now button to find the day and time that works best for you. We look forward to working with you and will do our very best to be of assistance.

Life is too short to be miserable on the job. If you hate your job, it’s time to work on a plan to make some changes.

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