Grief & Loss

Grief & loss in adulthood

Grief is a natural emotion that we all experience after suffering a loss. The pandemic has brought grief to our lives in unprecedented ways. Beginning in 2020, many people lost loved ones, friends, jobs, homes, and more. The isolation caused by covid has changed the conventional ways we grieve. 

Loss is part of life, but when we do not have the opportunity to express grief, or we don’t allow ourselves to grieve, those feelings don’t go away–they get repressed and they eventually will come out in other ways. We may have health problems, issues with anger, feel numb, or feel we cannot come back from the loss. 

Conversely, people sometimes seem to move on too quickly and not allow themselves to grieve. 

You may be grieving the loss of a relationship, a job you loved, a divorce, the passing of a loved one, or even the loss of an ability due to an injury. These are all legitimate things to grieve. You may be afraid to grieve, afraid it will hurt too much, disrupt your life. Or you may be allowing the loss to take over your life. Speaking with a professional can help you sort out your losses, and experience grief naturally, without fear, and patiently, help you get through difficult losses.

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Teens and adolescents

Teens and college aged kids have suffered much loss during this pandemic. Many did not have traditional graduations, birthday celebrations, and missed many other milestones. Some lost parents, grandparents and other family members to covid. Their schooling was disrupted and along with that, their social lives. Many still struggle with losses and are trying to adapt to their new “normal.” Some are drinking more, smoking more marijuana, and finding ways to escape their emotions.

If you are a teen or college aged young adult, you may find yourself struggling to get through the day. On the outside, things look “fine,” but on the inside you may have some unresolved issues surrounding loss and grief. Please give us a call or click on the Book Now button to schedule an appointment. Your therapist can help you work through your grief and loss and help you learn helpful coping strategies. You can feel better.


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