Freshman Anxiety

Anxious FreAnxious Freshman

Right about now we start receiving calls and requests for appointments for college students. Many will be for college freshman who are anxious about their upcoming move to campus for their first semester. Upperclassman will also come to therapy before returning to college. If last semester didn’t go well, they will be anxious about returning to school without coping strategies and a plan on how to do better.

Freshman Anxiety

Freshman anxiety is normal but can be overwhelming. Late July and early August can be an exciting time. Shopping for furnishings and supplies before move-in day. Anticipatory anxiety and mixed feelings over roommates, being away from home, and the pressures of college are a lot to process in a short period of time.

Mom’s Anxiety

Sometimes a college student’s mom will come to therapy to work through their anxieties about their child going off to school. They too have mixed feelings: Excitement for their child, worries about their living away from home, their safety, and hopes that things will go well.

Upperclassman and Therapy

Seniors will often come to therapy before returning to school because they are anxious about their last year on campus. Some will be eager to return to their apartments, see their roommates, and get the semester started. Others will be thinking about what they will be doing after graduation.

How Therapy can Help

Therapy can help build self-confidence, teach the student effective coping strategies, and allay anxieties. Supportive psychotherapy is helpful even in the short term. One of the  benefits of seeing a therapist before leaving for school is that you if you are attending a school in New Jersey, you can continue with telehealth sessions while you are at college.

If you are going out of state, when you return for breaks you can see your therapist and pick up where you left off. We have helped many students through four years of college and onto graduate school.

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