Feel Better Now

Feel Better Now

Ways to feel better now

Feeling down? Here are three ways to feel better now.

1. Get some exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, which can help improve your mood. (only if your physician has cleared you to exercise).

2. Talk to a friend or family member. Talking to someone about your problems can help you feel better. It can actually help your brain form new neuropathways.

3. Spend time outside. Spending time in nature can help boost your mood. Studies show that nature is a natural healer and can help you feel better.

And a Few More Ways to Feel Better Now

1. LISTEN TO MUSIC. Music is processed by predominantly right brain functions and will help you get away from thinking (left brain) and be more nonverbal (right brain).

2. READ A BOOK or interesting blog, article. Good fiction can especially help you learn different perspectives, increase your vocabulary, and get you thinking less about your own life and more about the fictional characters.

3. GO FOR A WALK. Studies show that taking a walk can help clear your head and improve your mood.

4. WRITE. Writing can help you work out your problems and solutions. It can help you get perspective on your life.

5. PRAY. If you have a spiritual practice, then use the tools and rituals of your religion or practice.

6. RELAX. Use deep breathing to relax your body which will relax your mind

Do you need some more support?

If you feel like you are stuck, or unable to help yourself feel better, it is probably time to speak to a professional. Supportive counseling and psychotherapy can help you learn how to help yourself feel better. You will also learn how to change negative thinking and manage stress more effectively. Give us a call or send us a note at 908-857-4422 or info@hhccnj.com. We are here to help.

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