Family Counseling


All families naturally experience some level of disharmony from time to time. Often, they are able to resolve the issues themselves and grow from the experience. Sometimes the issues are too difficult to navigate without professional help and one or two members of the family will seek counseling. 

Families often come to therapy when one or more family members feel that they are in need of professional help to resolve what may be long standing dysfunctional patterns of interpersonal behavior, communication breakdowns, emotional cutoffs, and disharmony. Sometimes, only one or two family members are willing to participate in therapy on a regular basis while other family members either refuse to join the family sessions or come infrequently. Family therapy can be conducted with one or two family members. Your therapist will help you identify issues to work on and help you learn effective ways to deal with those family issues. Your therapist will be very sensitive to your family’s cultural practices and religious beliefs. Often when one or two family members attend therapy, other members will become curious, or worried, or interested, and join too. 

Communication breakdowns, family members not speaking, disagreements over politics, covid, and more, are good reasons to come to therapy either together as a family or just one or two family members. We will help you and your family work through the issues that are causing disharmony.

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