Eating Disorders

Of all mental disorders, Eating Disorders are the most deadly. What starts out as a diet or way to become healthier, spirals out of control as ED (eating disorder) begins to take over. Your world becomes smaller and smaller, as your fears of gaining weight grow. Your body image becomes distorted and emotional reasoning takes over. It becomes harder and harder to be with friends and family and around food. You may have tried in patient treatment, out patient programs, and individual therapy. Over time you may have relapsed and found yourself feeling worse than ever. Recovery is a long road and you may feel hopeless. It is never hopeless.

Dr. Marion Rollings, the Director of Holistic Health Counseling Center, suffered and recovered from terrible eating disorders and she will tell you that if she can recover, so can you. And you can. Give us a call or send us an email with any questions you may have. Click on the Book Now button to schedule your first appointment.

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