Depression (adults)

There are many kinds of depression–some very mild and transitory, while others are more serious and troublesome.

Adults who are depressed are often unmotivated, have issues with sleep, have insomnia, feel down, lethargic, and sometimes angry. Weight gain or loss is not unusual. 

If you have been feeling down, not feeling yourself, or are having trouble getting yourself back on track, you may be suffering from depression. Give us a call or click on the Book Now button to schedule your first appointment. Why continue suffering when help is available?

Depression (Teens & Young adults)

Adolescents and Young Adults who are depressed often have trouble getting out of bed, won’t leave their room (more than usual), may be emotionally eating, have difficulty sleeping, may be isolating, and are generally not themselves. They may be angry and frustrated, feel burned out at school, or have relationship issues. They may have been bullied. 

If your teenager or college aged young adult seems to be down, struggling, lacks motivation, and just doesn’t seem like themselves, they may be depressed. Finding the right therapist for them is critical to the success of therapy. Please give us a call or click on the Book Now button to schedule their first appointment

Depression (Children)

Children who are depressed may be withdrawn, quiet, have nightmares, difficulty sleeping, may be fearful, worried, angry, have issues with food, and not seem like themselves. They may have been bullied. Children cannot always articulate how they feel so their feelings are often expressed through their behavior–acting out, getting into trouble in school, not listening at home, and more. They may be moody and tearful.

If your child seems down, is struggling,and you are noticing some changes in their behavior that seems out of character, please give us a call or click on the Book Now to schedule an appointment. We will work with closely with you and your child, to help them express their feelings and resolve the depression.


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