Depressed? 5 Things to Try


If you are struggling with depression, you know how hard it is some days to get yourself going. You might be having trouble sleeping, maybe you are up late and then sleeping late? Often, when you feel depressed it feels like things will never improve. Depression is like tunnel vision-feels like there is no way out. If you are depressed, here’s 5 things to try that can help you feel better.

What You Can Do if You Are Depressed

You may feel like there is nothing you can do! But the reality is that even if you do one thing today, it is a place to start. It may be that you are doing things to help yourself but just aren’t giving yourself credit for them.  If you are suicidal or having thoughts to harm yourself, go here right now: Suicide Prevention Hotline

Here are 5 things to try:

1. Develop a Routine

An important way to get yourself back on track is to start developing a new routine. Start with the basics by setting a regular bedtime and a time to get up each day.

2. Start Exercising

This doesn’t mean go to the gym for two hours. Maybe you take a walk each day. Or if you used to like going to the gym, then try that a day or two a week to start with. You are not training for the Olympics, so keep it simple at the gym. The trick is to make sure that whatever you do is sustainable.

If you take a walk, don’t think you have to walk for miles. You can, if you like doing that, but the goal is to just get moving. It alters your brain chemistry and helps you feel better. Always check with your physician first, before starting any kind of exercise.

3. Go Outside

If you are taking a walk every day, then you are going outside (unless you are walking on a treadmill at home). The best thing to do would be to spend some time in Nature, but you have to start somewhere. Just go outside, on your patio, deck, porch, balcony, go outside for a few minutes every day.

If the weather is really nice, maybe sit outside. If there is a park nearby that you like to go to, then go a few times a week. The main thing is that you get out of the house, at least for a few minutes, each day. Just notice the sky, the grass, shrubs, flowers, whatever is around you. Listen for bird song, watch for butterflies! Nature is a natural healer.

4. Spend Time with a Friend

If you are isolating, it is so important that you stop and spend a little time (to start) with friends and family. If you have been social, that’s great. Keep it up. Humans are social beings. Even if you are an introvert, spending time with family and friends in whatever way works for you is important.

5. Eat Better

Most people when they are having a hard time don’t eat well. It could be that you aren’t eating enough or maybe you are overeating for comfort. You don’t have to go on a diet or stop eating junk food. The main thing is to start having regular meals and make better food choices. If you have a really bad diet then consider consulting a dietitian for professional advice that can get you on track.

Start NOW

There is so much else we could have shared here, but our goal was to jump start the process so you can begin to feel better. You will feel better if you start doing something now. Not tomorrow. Now. Get outside, breathe. Eat something you like that is healthy. Get in touch with a friend or family member.

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