Couples Counseling

Couples come to therapy usually when there is a breakdown in communication, or a traumatic event has occurred, an affair has been discovered, or some other event(s) have caused at least one of you to feel that professional help is needed. It could also be that you feel you have hit a dead end and are unable to connect with your partner to resolve the issues. Problems from the past, if not resolved, will continue to plague your relationship and if there are communication issues or negative patterns of interaction, you will feel very alone in trying to resolve them. Your partner may engage in stonewalling or defensive counter attacks that deflect from the real issues. Dysfunctional patterns of communication and interaction lead to troubled relationships. Hostility can grow over time as you no longer know how to connect with your partner. Your therapist can help you and your partner identify and work through negative, dysfunctional patterns, while learning effective ways to communicate without escalating to angry outbursts and fighting. Learning how to disagree, be supportive, forgiving, compassionate, less defensive, and more open to your partner can help heal your relationship and set the foundation for a healthier life together.

Sleep Problems

Sleep problems are often transitory and come and go. But occasionally they are long lasting and can become chronic. Insomnia and depression tend to go hand in hand. Therapy can help you identify why is causing your sleep issues as well as provide working solutions to treat them.  If you are having issues with sleep

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Dating Problems

Dating in the time of COVID presents unique challenges. If you are shy, lack confidence, or have had your heart broken in past relationships, you may be struggling with your fears of being alone and remaining single. Or maybe you have been dating but are having trouble finding “the right one.” Do you seem to

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Having a history of trauma or traumatic events can interfere with your ability to function and can cause impairments in sleep, relationships, work and career, and your life. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can interefere with your day to day life or it can sporadically affect you–seeming to come out of nowhere, triggering symptoms such

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Grief & Loss

Grief & loss in adulthood Grief is a natural emotion that we all experience after suffering a loss. The pandemic has brought grief to our lives in unprecedented ways. Beginning in 2020, many people lost loved ones, friends, jobs, homes, and more. The isolation caused by covid has changed the conventional ways we grieve.  Loss

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Relationship Issues

Relationship issues in adults Most couples experience relationship issues at some point in their relationship. Common problems we see in therapy are communication issues, infidelity, conflicts with family, dishonesty, fighting over unimportant things, anger that is unresolved, grudge holding, stone-walling, and more. Couples typically try hard to resolve their issues on their own, and often

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Anger Management

Anger Management Training  is very helpful for anyone who would like to learn to better manage their negative emotions and become less reactive. We also provide Court-Mandated Anger Management. If you have been ordered by the Court or advised by your attorney to seek Anger Management Training, it is important to comply with the Court

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There are several types of burnout: Job burnout, relationship burnout, mental burnout, and compassion burnout are the ones most people have heard of. Many things can cause burnout–your job, care taking others, difficult relationships, and having long term issues you can’t seem to get past.  Symptoms of burnout include: physical exhaustion, emotional fatigue, mind fog,

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Career Path and Work Issues

Often people come to counseling to seek help with job issues or because they are sorting out their career options. Sometimes, job stress, issues with coworkers, bosses, or the work itself can make it difficult to get up everyday and do your job. Maybe you feel burned out and are unsure what to do next–should

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Depression (adults) There are many kinds of depression–some very mild and transitory, while others are more serious and troublesome. Adults who are depressed are often unmotivated, have issues with sleep, have insomnia, feel down, lethargic, and sometimes angry. Weight gain or loss is not unusual.  If you have been feeling down, not feeling yourself, or

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pandemic related issues

Pandemic Related Issues

Pandemic Related Issues The Pandemic has caused unprecedented upheaval, anxiety, and despair in the world. If you have not had it yourself,  you very likely know someone who has. The disruption the pandemic has caused has impacted jobs, school, families, how we do basic things such as food shopping, and mental health. The ups and

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Coming Out

People of all ages in the LGBTQ+ community have coming out stories. Some are incredibly inspiring, while others are painful and sad. Coming out stories are brave and courageous. We know that coming out is an incredibly important and emotional time. It’s a huge step towards proclaiming your identity and defining who you are. We

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Parenting Issues

Parents often come to therapy seeking advice and input on how to parent a difficult child, how to better manage their child’s behavior, what to do about their teen’s social media use, and even how to improve co-parenting with an ex. Parents of kids with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and other issues may benefit from

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Issues

While being pregnant can bring a woman and her family much joy and anticipation, there are many women who experience difficulties with their pregnancies. Once their babies are born, many women are unprepared for the demands of recovering from childbirth and caring for their new born. Unlike what previous generations had, women today don’t have

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LGBTQ+ Issues

Coming Out   People of all ages in the LGBTQ+ community have coming out stories. Some are incredibly inspiring, while others are painful and sad. All coming out stories are brave and courageous. We know that coming out is an incredibly important and emotional time. It’s a huge step towards proclaiming your identity and defining

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Stress Management

Stress is part of life. But often, in our fast paced lives, you can find that chronic stress is wreaking havoc with your health. Symptoms include frequent headaches, high blood pressure (hypertension), trouble sleeping, always feeling on edge, and overall feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. You might be eating too much and/or eating the wrong things-which

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