Couples Counseling

Couples come to therapy usually when there is a breakdown in communication, or a traumatic event has occurred, an affair has been discovered, or some other event(s) have caused at least one of you to feel that professional help is needed. It could also be that you feel you have hit a dead end and are unable to connect with your partner to resolve the issues. Problems from the past, if not resolved, will continue to plague your relationship and if there are communication issues or negative patterns of interaction, you will feel very alone in trying to resolve them. Your partner may engage in stonewalling or defensive counter attacks that deflect from the real issues. Dysfunctional patterns of communication and interaction lead to troubled relationships. Hostility can grow over time as you no longer know how to connect with your partner. Your therapist can help you and your partner identify and work through negative, dysfunctional patterns, while learning effective ways to communicate without escalating to angry outbursts and fighting. Learning how to disagree, be supportive, forgiving, compassionate, less defensive, and more open to your partner can help heal your relationship and set the foundation for a healthier life together.

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