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Are you suffering from overwhelming Anxiety? If so, it’s time to get it under control and conquer your anxiety!

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that keeps us safe and alerts us when we are in danger. Most mental disorders are normal behavior blown out of proportion. Anxiety is one of those emotions. So in normal circumstances, we sense danger, our body reacts, and we feel anxiety. The anxiety tells us we need to fight, flight, or freeze. When the danger is imagined and not real, your body does not know the difference and reacts as if there is real danger

Because of the mind-body connection, what you think affects how you feel. And conversely, how your body feels affects how you think. When you have an ache or pain, you may find yourself worrying about it. If you worry a lot about getting sick, you may feel physically drained and on edge.

If you are one of those people who has a nearly constant state of anxiousness, it is likely you have fallen into unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving. You probably have tried very hard to overcome this, but seem to slip back into old familiar (bad) habits and behaviors. You might feel pretty discouraged.

Self Talk and Anxiety

One good place to start when you are trying (again) to conquer your anxiety is to increase your awareness of what you are saying to yourself. Have you noticed that you often think negatively? Pay attention to how your body feels when you worry, or when you think about something that happened in the past that upset you. You can easily create tension in your body by thinking negatively–worrying, regretting the past, thinking about the future. And when you are happy and thinking more positive thoughts, there is less tension in your body. Consider how hard it is to be laughing and very anxious at the same time.

Conquering Anxiety

So how do you conquer your anxiety? Changing what you say to yourself affects how you feel. Learning techniques that calm your body and help you release tension will help. Certain breathing techniques will help you feel more in control of how you feel physically and mentally. Anxiety is a fear of loss of control. You fear that something will happen that you cannot control. Often that fear is based upon a past event that happened to you or someone else. It is often very helpful to discuss where your anxiety came from and how it got worse.

Over time, you will begin to feel more in control and less fearful of what you cannot control You will realize that you can control a lot more than you thought. You will also understand that what we cannot control, we can cope with.

How We Can Help

Psychotherapy and Art Therapy can help you conquer your anxiety by  process your thoughts and emotions, learn effective coping strategies, improve your locus of control, and reduce your anxiety levels. You will gain insight to what underlies your anxiety, and may develop greater self confidence and less apprehension.

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