Coming Out

People of all ages in the LGBTQ+ community have coming out stories. Some are incredibly inspiring, while others are painful and sad. Coming out stories are brave and courageous. We know that coming out is an incredibly important and emotional time. It’s a huge step towards proclaiming your identity and defining who you are.

We feel it’s a time of celebration for you and your loved ones as well as acceptance and recognition for you and who you are.

We recognize that coming out is not always the smooth and wonderful experience we all hope for. We are here to help and support you through your journey as well as help your loved ones sort through their feelings, with the goal of acceptance and celebration.

Some families have a harder time than others. We have known families who immediate embrace the individual who has come out and understand that they love their family member or friend no matter what. We have also known families who struggle to understand and accept. One does not have to understand but one does need to accept people for who are they. And sadly and unfortunately, there are some families who will refuse to accept the truth and will even shun a beloved family member. We work with those families to help them accept and stop judging, attempting to control, etc. It takes time, but we have seen that many families begin to accept once realize that their beloved family member needs to be who they are, even if they lose their family in the process.

To read more about how we work with LGBTQ+ individuals and their families, please see our page here: LGBTQ+ Services

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