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A recent news article discussed what I would call College Student Burnout. If you are a college student, or the parent of one, you probably know what I am talking about.

Struggling to Keep Up

College Professors and the students themselves, report that they are having trouble keeping up with their assignments, going to class, and staying focused on their studies. College students who are normally good students are struggling with getting their work done and handed in on time.

Professors report that more than ever students are falling asleep in class and due to low class grades, they are needing to curve the grades. Motivation and morale is low amongst college students.

What is the Cause?

The onset of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, sent college students home . Classes were completely remote and online. Some students adapted well, but overallĀ  the majority did not. In addition, they could not see their friends or engage in their usual independent activities. They were back home, frustrated, angry, and some developed substance abuse issues. Fast forward a year and students were either back on campus or doing a hybrid of remote and in person. While many were happy to return to school, they struggled with the isolation imposed by college guidelines for social distancing. Many caught covid or suffered the loss of family members and friends who died from it.

Fast forward another year, and today college students are back in class on campus, back to “normal.” But what we are seeing is that they are stressed, burned out, having trouble concentrating, very anxious or apathetic, and depressed. Many of the best students report feeling that they were crawling to the finish line, eager to finish out the semester but worried that they failed their classes. Parents are confused and frustrated, often not understanding what has happened.

College students are burned out. It was challenging to learn remotely. Once they returned to campus, many students never got back on track. They are emotionally exhausted, drained, and hoping to rest and recharge over the Summer break. Many are seeking out counseling and psychotherapy to help them sort out how to move forward. Some students report they feel a lack of direction and are unsure of their career paths..

How We Can Help

We work with many college students and their families. In therapy, one can learn how to find balance, unpack and process fatigue, and work through career choices. Art Therapy is actually a wonderful option for college students. It is a great way to release deep seated fears and transform emotions. The art therapist guides a creative therapeutic process that is healing and self esteem enhancing. Summer months are a great time to rest, refresh, and find inspiration and focus. Therapy can help you find yourself again and recover from last semester’s stress while preparing for next year.

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