Children, Grandparents, & Family Conflict

Children, Grandchildren, & Family conflict

Children, Grandparents, & Family Conflict

Family conflict is difficult for everyone. But for children, family conflict can be overwhelming, confusing, and difficult for them to work through. Family conflict is also hard for grandparents. If there is conflict between them and their adult children, it can lead to separation from beloved grandchildren.

Conflict between their adult children can also be challenging.  Here we will share some tips to help you better manage family conflict and possibly even help resolve the conflict.


Grandchildren are often the innocent bystanders in family conflict. If their parents are having a disagreement with their grandparents, they have no control over the outcome. The children may be prevented from seeing their grandparents until the conflict is resolved.

Children cannot always articulate what bothers them, so they may begin acting out their hurt and anger. If they are young, they may not understand but older children can be angry and resentful of the impact family conflict has upon them.


Grandparents, despite being the family matriarchs and patriarchs, often have little recourse if they have conflict with their adult children. They may be denied access to their grandchildren until or if the conflict is resolved.

Grandparents may also feel pain when their adult children quarrel. They may try to intervene, and occasionally have some success. But often they do not and the conflicts continue or intensify.

The Impact of Family Conflict

The impact of family conflict on family members becomes more pronounced during the holidays. And perhaps more painful. When there are warring factions in the family, family dinners and holiday celebrations are disrupted or become awkward.

Children will not always understand why they cannot see their cousins, their aunts and uncles, or their grandparents.

Sometimes, holiday family gatherings can make existing conflicts worse.

What can be Done

Having a family meeting can sometimes help get things going in a better direction. It can also backfire. It may make more sense to divide and conquer. Talk to family members separately. And if it seems things are not improving, it may be time to seek professional help.

We can help you identify what you can do, develop strategies for resolving the family conflict or we can work with the family to improve communication, resolve the conflict, and help the family move past the the issues in a positive manner.

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