Criticism and its Impact on Relationships: Find New Ways to Enhance Your Interactions Criticism is defined as the act of passing judgment on someone or something, typically as a result of observation or evaluation. It can be constructive or destructive, helpful or harmful. If criticism is constant, it can slowly erode the relationship until it’s …

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Addressing Contempt in Your Relationship: Rebuilding Trust and Connection When reflecting on reasons that a relationship may not be functioning at a healthy level, it is important to consider the role of contempt.  We might think of a moment when we say something we don’t mean, or react to something our partner said in a …

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Stonewalling in Relationships

Stonewalling in Relationships: How to Re-Establish Openness and Connection Stonewalling occurs when an individual shuts down communication due to feeling overwhelmed or blocked from communicating their needs or feelings.  The individual communicates in a nonverbal way that they are unavailable or may appear unresponsive. It can be an unconscious reaction to feeling overwhelmed or unsafe, …

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Defensiveness: Break the Cycle and Improve Your Relationships

Defensiveness: Break the Cycle and Improve Your Relationships How many times have you wished that the other person would just understand what you were trying to say?  How many times have you felt misunderstood, unappreciated, or unheard in your relationships? How many times have you said something that you didn’t mean in the heat of the …

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