Career Path and Work Issues

Often people come to counseling to seek help with job issues or because they are sorting out their career options. Sometimes, job stress, issues with coworkers, bosses, or the work itself can make it difficult to get up everyday and do your job. Maybe you feel burned out and are unsure what to do next–should you change jobs, or should you stay where you are because you have benefits or a salary you won’t get elsewhere?

Maybe you are considering a career change or are debating whether or not to take classes to advance your career. These are tough decisions to make. 

High School and College Students often come to therapy for help in clarifying what direction to take to secure a good future. Some of the questions they often have are: What should I major in? Should I go to college or a trade school? What should I do with my degree? I don’t like college, or I don’t like my major anymore, what do I do now? 

 With the support of a psychotherapist, you will be able to sort through your thoughts and feelings, as well as any mental and emotional obstacles that may be keeping you back.

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