Are You (or your kid) Lacking Motivation?

Are You (or your kid) Lacking Motivation?


Are You Lacking Motivation?

Very often people come to therapy or bring their kids to therapy because they are lacking motivation. They are intelligent and talented and have had many advantages in life, but yet they still seem to lack motivation. They just can’t seem to get motivated enough to meet their goals, or in some cases, set them. Why can’t I get motived! Is what many frustrated people ask us.

Why Do You Lack Motivation?

There are many reasons why intelligent, talented people lack motivation. Sometimes, it is because they are burned out. They have been pushing themselves for a long time, most likely ignoring good self care, and eventually, they burn out.

Another reason may be that they are smoking too much cannabis. This is a common problem.

You may having trouble motivating yourself because you lack confidence. It is hard to be motivated when you feel unsure of yourself. What if I don’t succeed? What if I fail? Negative thinking drains motivation. You end up thinking yourself out of getting off the couch.

Can You Become Motivated if You are Lacking Motivation?

Feeling unmotivated often feels like a permanent condition. It isn’t and it is important to not lose hope that you can change things. The solution is not the same in all circumstances.

If you are smoking too much cannabis, then you might want to think about cutting down. If it is medical marijuana, check with your prescriber as to how to safely cut down on your usage.

Burnt out? Then it is essential that you rest, rejuvenate, and allow yourself to reset and recover. Inspiration and motivation will follow once your self care improves.

If you have never been very motivated but wish you could be, then there may be a self confidence issue. You may be talking yourself out of things before you even get started. Negative thinking will harm self esteem, confidence, and motivation. Counseling can help you work through those issues.

How Counseling Can Help

Counseling can help you jump start things and help you overcome your inertia. In counseling you can work through the obstacles that have prevented you from feeling inspired and motivated.

If you are burned out, learning improved self care and finding inspiration again will take time. But with supportive counseling you may find the encouragement you need to get yourself back on track.

If you have low self confidence, counseling can help you build confidence and self esteem. Replacing long held negative thinking and self-defeating narratives will help you find inspiration to set goals and the motivation to work towards them.

We use an integrated and individualized approach to counseling and will collaborate with you to help you overcome those obstacles you have been facing, up until this point, on your own.

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