Are You a Struggling Student?

Are You a Struggling College Student?

Are you a struggling student?

While attending college can be an amazing experience, for many students it can also be a difficult time. Juggling classes, studying, work, and social life can be overwhelming and challenging.

For students who are struggling with their studies, it can be tough to know where to turn for help. This blog is intended to provide information and resources for struggling college students.

Before we discuss topics such as time management, studying strategies, we think what would be more helpful now are tips for dealing with stress and anxiety, We know that many college students who are struggling feel lost and overwhelmed. Managing those emotions and finding emotional relief will help with the other more practical matters.

Why are you Struggling?

There are many reasons we see that college students struggle. One is that they have trouble balancing the academic and social demands of college life. For some, going away to college is the first time they are free of their parents’ supervision. It is both liberating and at times, a little overwhelming.

Another reason students struggle is that they don’t want to attend college. Or, they are unhappy with their major. It is hard to focus and do well at something you aren’t interested in. As a result, grades fall and fears of parents’ finding out increase. The increased stress leads to more avoidance. You may have avoided attending class, getting assignments done, and being open with your parents about what is going on.

Sometimes college students struggle because they have too much going on: Greek life, relationships, a job, or they put too much pressure on themselves. Of course there are many who just overdue it with partying and socializing. But there are also many who are too isolated, and are not having enough fun. They are isolating as they study, a focus too much on academic success.

Lack of Balance

The main problem we see is that a struggling college student is having difficulty finding balance. It could be psychological balance, social balance, work-life balance, etc. One goal of therapy is to help you find the emotional balance you need while improving your skills of time management and organization.

Another goal is to help you improve your communication and restore trust with your parents. If they have been kept out of the loop during the semester, you might have had some explaining to do with them when your grades came in.

Failure vs. Learning

If you didn’t do as well as everyone hoped, don’t allow yourself to wallow in self despair or self hatred. We live and learn. It is not a failure to make mistakes or not do well. It is a process of learning from our mistakes and working hard not to repeat the same ones.

Therapy can Help

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