3 Ways to Calm Down

3 Ways to Calm Down

3 Ways to Calm Down

If you are more anxious than usual lately, or have been worried about something, you may be having difficulty calming yourself down. There are probably thousands of things you can try to calm down. We have selected 3 Ways to Calm Down that we think will the most helpful.

1. Ground Yourself in The Present Moment

Usually, we are anxious or worried and upset because we are thinking about the past or worried about the future. To ground yourself in the present moment, put your two feet on the ground and take a deep breath. Pause, then exhale slowly. Just observe where your body is: Sitting with two feet on the floor, notice where your hands are, and notice your breathe going in and out.

2. Engage in Self Soothing

Self soothing is what we do when we tell ourselves that we are okay, it’s going to be all right. Self soothing can also be physical Some people play with their hair, while other people play with their jewelry (for example, play the necklace). Remind yourself that whatever is bothering you now will likely not matter in the future. If it is something that will matter, then tell yourself that you can adjust and adapt however you need to. You are strong.

3. Move Around

When you notice you are starting to feel upset, then it might be time to get up and get moving. Talking a brisk walk can be very helpful. If you are in a place where you can’t take a walk, then get up and stretch or go to the rest room and let cool water run over your hands. Studies show that cool water is calming to the body and mind. Go outdoors if possible and look at the sky, listen for birdsong, notice how you feel as you move around. Nature is a natural healer.

Need More Than 3 Ways to Calm Down?

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